What English rugby team should I support?

What English rugby team should I support?

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Exploring the Different English Rugby Teams: A Guide to Finding the Right Team for You

If you’re a rugby fan who is interested in finding a team to support, it can be overwhelming to decide which of the many English rugby teams to choose. Whether you’re looking for a team to follow in the Premiership, the Championship, or the National Leagues, there are a lot of options to consider. Each team has something unique to offer, so it’s important to look at the different strengths and weaknesses of each team to decide which one is right for you.

When looking at the Premiership teams, it’s important to consider their past performances. This is particularly true for teams such as Saracens, who have consistently been one of the top teams. Saracens have won the Premiership title twice in the last five years, and they have been the runner-up four times. They have also been successful on the European stage, winning the Champions Cup in 2016 and 2018. If you’re looking for a team that consistently performs at a high level, then Saracens could be the team for you.

At the other end of the Premiership table, there are teams such as Worcester Warriors who have been perennial strugglers in recent years. The Warriors have been in the relegation zone for the past five years and there is no guarantee that they will be able to escape it this season. If you’re looking for a team to support who are more of an underdog and who will be fighting for every point, then Worcester could be the team for you.

The Championship has some interesting teams to choose from as well. London Irish are a team on the rise, having been promoted from the National Leagues last season. They have been impressive in the Championship and are currently at the top of the table. They have some exciting young players such as Joe Cokanasiga and Caelan Doris who have been making a name for themselves in the Premiership. If you’re looking for a team who are on the up, then London Irish could be a good choice.

The National Leagues also have some interesting teams to choose from. Coventry are the current National League One champions and they have been playing some excellent rugby this season. They have some exciting young players such as Joe Joyce and Sam Smith who have been impressing in the National Leagues. If you’re looking for a team who are on the rise and who could potentially make it to the Premiership, then Coventry could be the team for you.

Whichever team you choose to support, you’re sure to have a great time following them. English rugby has some of the best teams in the world and each team has something special to offer. So take some time to explore the different teams and find the one that’s right for you.

The Pros and Cons of Supporting an English Rugby Team

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in England. As a result, there are many teams across the country for both men and women. It can be difficult to decide which team to support, as there are so many great options. To help make the decision easier, here are some of the pros and cons of supporting an English rugby team.


The main advantage of supporting an English rugby team is the sense of community it can bring. By following a team, you will become part of the larger fan base, connecting with people from all walks of life who share a common passion. You will also be able to experience the highs and lows of the sport, as well as the excitement of the matches.

Another benefit of supporting an English rugby team is the opportunity to travel. Many teams play in different parts of the country, giving you the chance to explore new places and meet interesting people. You may even be able to attend away games and cheer on your team in person.


One of the downsides of supporting an English rugby team is the cost. Watching matches in person can be expensive, as can buying merchandise and attending away games. You may also need to travel to watch matches, which can add to the cost.

Another disadvantage is the unpredictability of the sport. While a team may be successful one season, it could struggle the next. This can be difficult to deal with, as you may have invested a lot of time and money in supporting the team.


Supporting an English rugby team can be a rewarding experience, but it can also come with some risks. Consider the pros and cons carefully before making your decision, and make sure you are prepared for the financial and emotional commitment involved.

What English Rugby Team Should I Support?

When it comes to picking a side to support in English rugby, it can be a difficult decision. With so many teams, it can be hard to know which one to pick. To help you make an informed decision, this article examines the history and culture of English rugby to help you choose your team.

The History of English Rugby

Rugby first came to England in the 19th century, and it quickly gained popularity. It was initially played by the upper classes but soon spread to public schools and universities. The game then grew throughout the country, with teams forming in every region.

Rugby union, the most popular variation of the game today, was first codified in 1871. The Rugby Football Union (RFU) was formed in 1871, and the first international match was held in 1871 between England and Scotland.

English rugby has a long and proud history. The national team has been playing international matches since 1871, and they have won the Six Nations championship on many occasions. It is also the birthplace of many of the game’s most important innovations, such as the scrum and ruck.

The Culture of English Rugby

The culture of English rugby is unique. It is a culture of pride and passion, where supporters come together to cheer on their team. It is also a culture of camaraderie, where rivalries are put aside in favour of a shared love of the game.

The clubs in England are some of the most passionate and loyal in the world. Supporters of English clubs are known for their fierce loyalty and dedication to their team. They will travel long distances to watch their team play, and will cheer them on no matter what the score.

English rugby is also known for its passionate atmosphere. Supporters of the game come from all walks of life, and they all come together to create a unique atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm.

Choosing Your Team

Now that you know more about the history and culture of English rugby, you should have a better idea of which team to choose. Consider the history and traditions of the teams in your area, and look at how passionate their supporters are. Think about how much the team means to the local community and how much they have achieved.

No matter which team you choose to support, you will be joining a passionate community of supporters. English rugby is a unique and exciting sport, and you will be sure to have a great time supporting your team.

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